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About Us

Jamdani is our heritage and pride. But we are losing this heritage day by day. Everyone understands how important this legacy is but no one is moving forward to revive it. That’s why weavers are moving away from this to another profession. Licet, jamdani sarees have cordial reception not only in our country bt also worldwide. On purpose of,  reviving this patrimony we have started jamdani mela. We deliver you 100% original jamdani sarees, jamdani panjabis, jamdani kameej directly from our personalized weavers. we also take orders for your functions. We customized jamdani sarees which will be made totally on your choice and designs.

Further, we supply hand made “BANGLES” which are made by our artisans. We make differntly designed and colourful bangles.

Also, we do “BLOCK – BATIK” from our production. We make and deliver different kinds of block-batik and three pieces. Jamdani is a matter of pride for our country. Earlier Bangladesh has got patent of jamdani sarees. But the dire fact is our jamdani weavers are loosing their interest in their work day by day. The main reason behind this is, “not getting fair price” . Jamdani saree interchange several times during the process of reaching, from weavers to customers. During this interchange middleman makes 1000/10000 TK profit on each saree. But the weavers can not even fulfill the expenses that they had made to make a saree. On the one hand his work is not being appreciated, also he is facing financial problems.

So our motive is to supply original hand made jamdani through out our country and worldwide in fair price and also to enlight charms of our loom craft by making all artisans self relient. As a result new weavers will find interest and old weavers will come back to this profession. We are walking on path of “that dream”. Jamdani Mela’s vision is to proclaim Bangladesh’s name by jamdani saree to increase jamdani saree’s value and demand in front of all bangla speaking people worldwide.

To help all involved person with jamdani so that they could get value of their work, also could deliver original product with fair price to the customers.

We want to establish jamdani saree’s value again in front of Bangladeshi people and also want to increase its demand. We really want to bring back jamdani’s royal place.

Above all, jamdani is our pride. we should evaluate it properly.

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